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I don't know what to think.
kaya smile
Hello, darlings who happen across this journal.

Please read my profile info if you haven't, so I don't have to copy/paste about my gender identity and other complicated stuff about me. lol.

I feel so strange. I have a livejournal already, have had one for years. But I need this one because I need to vent about things I haven't told anyone yet. Namely, my eating disorder. But I also just felt like having another journal. Create a new me, hehe.

Later entries will be locked. Feel free to add me! Just leave me a comment introducing yourself. I'm nice and I'll almost definitely add you back. :]

xx aldo o.

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Icon twins! Added you. :) How are you?

:D i know. that's why i added you. i'm okay.. how are you?

Classes are kinda stressful this week but otherwise fine.

oh, haha. same here. do you have msn or something?

No, but I have AIM if that's okay: aldolada

Hello there. I've added you back btw. :]

hii I saw your post on broken_bodies i post there too. am going to add you if thats ok?

Yes, of course. Adding you back. :]

You just seem like a nice person. :) I added you. My names Paige, I am young, 14 almost 15, but I am mature for my age. :]

Aw, cool. Added you back. :]

i just read your info, and ive been utterly obsessed with the whole factory scene for years. if you didnt like 'factory girl' i'd suggest 'ciao! manhattan', though i suppose its unlikely you havent seen it. coincidentally, i've just joined broken bodies and loved that you chose the name miss ondine, since it made me smile.

I enjoy Factory Girl as a film, just not so much as a biopic...if that makes sense, haha. I feel like it's too openly pointing at Andy as the person who led to Edie's demise. From reading about her (I recently bought Edie: American Girl, really interesting), it seems apparent to me that she was a very intense and self-destructive person. I think it would have been difficult for anyone to save her from herself.

I have seen Ciao! Manhattan. I like it for how revealing it is, but at the same time it's so sad. Edie is just so broken and burnt out that some parts made me tear up. It really is a shame what drug abuse does to people. I guess that's a sort of obvious thing to say though.

/rambling. I could talk about the Factory--mainly Edie--forever. :P

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