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miss_ondine's Journal

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My name is Rachel, and some people call me Aldo. I am eighteen years old. I'm a junior in college because I did dual enrollment for two years. My major is English, in the concentration of creative writing because writing is my life. I'm biologically female, but I have in the past identified as transgender. I'm not so sure of that anymore, so I guess genderqueer would be more accurate. I am stereotypically "girly" regardless. Oh, and I'm nice, I promise!

I'm in love with Edie Sedgwick and the whole Andy Warhol crowd. Not a huge fan of the Factory Girl film.

I'm a relatively positive person in general but sometimes get into dark issues when the feeling strikes me, as I'm a sensitive person. I have body image issues and am struggling with an eating disorder. I really don't know what to do about it, and I'm not ready to tell anyone in real life.

If you're pro-anorexia, I'd prefer you didn't add me.